Message in a Bottle

Produced as part of a collaboration for the 2019 Olso Architecture Triennale, Message in a Bottle is a critique of plastic waste. The structure is comprised of an alternative plastic bottle that interlocks to form a structural network. These "Friendship Bottles" propose a second life as a building unit after their contents are consumed. Mounted to these bottles are lenses that display collected plastic waste alongside drawings of systems that eliminate and remediate this waste.
Resin test tiles encase scale figures in a sea of toxic color.
Resin cladding detail
Observation bottles allow participants to view small plastic artifacts alongside methods to eliminate them.
Each bottle is labeled with a unique quote from leading sustainability thinkers. Quotes are numbered and color coded in different categories.
Detail view of lenses mounted to bottle array.
Lens array shows small plastic artifacts alongside methods to eliminate them. Remediation methods are displayed on back illuminated slide film.
Produced in collaboration with Rhett Russo, Lydia Kallipoliti, Andreas Theodoridis, for the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale.
Main Role: Fabrication.