Air Shake

Shown at the 2017 "Tomorrows" Exhibition, Air Shake projects a dystopian future where the atmosphere is heavily polluted. This project imagines a series of machines that use the chemicals in this thickly polluted air to create a series of extreme cures to the widespread disease of the future.
A city block in Athens populated by chemical cure machines that convert atmospheric pollution into cures for common ailments
Theoretical patent drawings
Exhibition installation space at Tomorrows in Athens
Chemical chimneys from below
Screens display an augmented reality where chemical cures pour down upon you from the chimneys above
Installation space section
AR chemical cure sprays
Produced in collaboration with Rhett Russo, Lydia Kallipoliti, Andreas Theodoridis, Erica Vinson, and Xueping Li for the 2017 "Tomorrows" Exhibition.
Main Role: Fabrication.